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Your Second Visit

Report of Findings

Gentle chiropractic care

We offer gentle chiropractic care

The doctor will review the results and findings of your examination and x-rays. He will explain how he feels chiropractic care may benefit you.


After the complete and thorough analysis, a treatment plan can begin. The focus of our care is to provide specific, precise and accurate spinal adjustments to only the problem areas (subluxated joints).

The goal of the adjustment is to restore normal alignment and healthy joint motion in order to improve a neurological function and health, along with preventing or minimizing joint degenerative changes.

If subluxated joints have been present for a length of time, degenerative changes may exist. This may require longer periods of time and treatment for optimal recovery to occur.

Since we view health and healing in a holistic approach it may become beneficial and necessary to include lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

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