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Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Before coming to Dr. Geary I had such awful headaches and tension in my back and neck that it made me sick and couldn’t move very well. It made me very irritable and I didn’t sleep well.

I got accustomed to always feeling bad and full of pain. My husband had been to him and said how much he helped him. Until Dr. Geary I was stuck on the old bone crusher type chiropractor. I decided to try him, as my husband didn’t believe in chiropractors either prior to Dr. Geary. I went and the first time was awful. I swore not to go back.

The staff convinced me that it would get better. I spoke with Dr. Geary and because my condition was so bad (I put it off) he also convinced me it would get better. Now I am so much better. I can sleep much better and am without headaches. I would tell anyone that you don’t have to suffer. Give him a try. He is awesome, and the staff is excellent.
Terry Testimonial
Terry H., Medical Assistant
Awful Headaches
Shari was very nice and helpful and greeted me with a smile. Dr. Geary and Dr. Weis were amazing at explaining everything on my first visit. They were very thorough with my examination, measuring my range of motion, taking x-rays, and checking for “hot spots” on my skin where my spine was out of alignment. I came into the office in pain and they were able to address those areas same day. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, Dr. Geary, Dr. Weis and Shari! I look forward to my next visit!
Cassandra G.
Very Nice and Helpful
I just wanted to say Hi and thank you to Dr. David Geary for getting me started in chiropractic care at his clinic back in Coon Rapids, MN. I was your mailman at the office there. You were very generous and caring when I hurt my back at work and had been out of work for 3 weeks on painkillers and muscle relaxers. You explained chiropractic care and gave me my 1st two treatments for free as a Christmas gift for being your office mailman. I am happy to report I just retired from the post office after 34 years of service and my back is still doing great. Thank you so much.

Your old mailman,
Dave K.
Thank You
Dr. Geary is awesome. He really listens, takes time explaining things, and overall he just has a great attitude. It’s refreshing to have such a positive experience with a medical professional. If you have had any sort of back pain, go see Dr. Geary.
Dr. Geary and the entire staff at Valley Chiropractic are professional and courteous. Together they make the experience become your agenda towards better health.
John S.
Professional And Courteous
Thank you! I have loved the chiropractic care including discussions about how other choices and supplements can help me.
Vivi S.
Loved The Chiropractic Care
I started seeing Dr. Geary while I was in the midst of my third bout of severe vomiting. I would get a weird taste in my mouth which would cause me to gag and then vomit. This would get progressively worse until I was vomiting more than 100 times per day requiring hospitalization. Along with these episodes I would occasionally experience seizures.

The doctors couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with me. I had every test imaginable with doctors assessing my gastrointestinal system, my ears, nose, throat and brain function. It was suspected that my symptoms could be related to an old concussion and it was suggested that I stop playing hockey- a sport I love. Dr. Geary did an x-ray of my spine and found that I was severely messed up and in need of adjustment. He and his staff worked hard to ensure that I got the care that I needed quickly. They were very flexible in scheduling my appointments around school, sports and other appointments.

After several treatments, the weird taste and vomiting had gone away and my back felt much better. The best part is that Dr. Geary may have found the cause of my health issues costing my family thousands of dollars in medical care and weeks of missed school for me. Because of Dr. Geary, I am feeling better and may now be able to continue to play hockey, and that means more to me than I can say! Thanks Dr. Geary!

Kyle J.
Severe Vomiting Cured
I praise God for, the passion, the caring, the knowledge of Dr. Geary. The healing that has taken place in just four treatments is amazing. If someone is nervous about doctoring with a chiropractor, I would encourage them to give Dr. Geary a try. If someone has had a bad experience with a chiropractor, I promise, Dr. Geary is trustworthy! Thank you Dr. Geary and your wonderful staff!
Bev M.
Amazing Healing
I wasted 4 weeks of time, a lot of money, not being able to walk without crutches and a lot of pain. After my first adjustment the pain was gone, and I could walk 3 days later after 2 more appointments. A much better option then the surgery my doctor thought I would need. Many thanks to all the staff at Valley Chiropractic.
Edward G.
Better Option Than Surgery
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