Chiropractic Testimonials

Severe Vomiting Cured

Chiropractic Burnsville MN Testimonial Kyle"I started seeing Dr. Geary while I was in the midst of my third bout of severe vomiting. I would get a weird taste in my mouth which would cause me to gag and then vomit. This would get progressively worse until I was vomiting more than 100 times per day requiring hospitalization. Along with these episodes I would occasionally experience seizures.

The doctors couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with me. I had every test imaginable with doctors assessing my gastrointestinal system, my ears, nose, throat and brain function. It was suspected that my symptoms could be related to an old concussion and it was suggested that I stop playing hockey- a sport I love. Dr. Geary did an x-ray of my spine and found that I was severely messed up and in need of adjustment. He and his staff worked hard to ensure that I got the care that I needed quickly. They were very flexible in scheduling my appointments around school, sports and other appointments.

After several treatments, the weird taste and vomiting had gone away and my back felt much better. The best part is that Dr. Geary may have found the cause of my health issues costing my family thousands of dollars in medical care and weeks of missed school for me. Because of Dr. Geary, I am feeling better and may now be able to continue to play hockey, and that means more to me than I can say! Thanks Dr. Geary!"

- Kyle J.

Awful Headaches

Chiropractic Burnsville MN Testimonial Terryh"Before coming to Dr. Geary I had such awful headaches and tension in my back and neck that it made me sick and couldn’t move very well. It made me very irritable and I didn’t sleep well.

I got accustomed to always feeling bad and full of pain. My husband had been to him and said how much he helped him. Until Dr. Geary I was stuck on the old bone crusher type chiropractor. I decided to try him, as my husband didn’t believe in chiropractors either prior to Dr. Geary. I went and the first time was awful. I swore not to go back.

The staff convinced me that it would get better. I spoke with Dr. Geary and because my condition was so bad (I put it off) he also convinced me it would get better. Now I am so much better. I can sleep much better and am without headaches. I would tell anyone that you don’t have to suffer. Give him a try. He is awesome, and the staff is excellent."

- Terry H., Medical Assistant

Very Nice and Helpful

"Shari was very nice and helpful and greeted me with a smile. Dr. Geary and Dr. Weis were amazing at explaining everything on my first visit. They were very thorough with my examination, measuring my range of motion, taking x-rays, and checking for “hot spots” on my skin where my spine was out of alignment. I came into the office in pain and they were able to address those areas same day. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, Dr. Geary, Dr. Weis and Shari! I look forward to my next visit!"

- Cassandra G.

Thank You

"I just wanted to say Hi and thank you to Dr. David Geary for getting me started in chiropractic care at his clinic back in Coon Rapids, MN. I was your mailman at the office there. You were very generous and caring when I hurt my back at work and had been out of work for 3 weeks on painkillers and muscle relaxers. You explained chiropractic care and gave me my 1st two treatments for free as a Christmas gift for being your office mailman. I am happy to report I just retired from the post office after 34 years of service and my back is still doing great. Thank you so much."

Your old mailman,

- Dave K.


"Dr. Geary is awesome. He really listens, takes time explaining things, and overall he just has a great attitude. It’s refreshing to have such a positive experience with a medical professional. If you have had any sort of back pain, go see Dr. Geary."

- Patrick

Professional And Courteous

"Dr. Geary and the entire staff at Valley Chiropractic are professional and courteous. Together they make the experience become your agenda towards better health."

- John S.

Loved The Chiropractic Care

"Thank you! I have loved the chiropractic care including discussions about how other choices and supplements can help me."

- Vivi S.

Exceptional Care

"You couldn’t do better! Exceptional really are the best!"

- Jan O.


"I don’t know how you can improve on excellence."

- Erick R.

Love This Clinic And Doctor

"Love this clinic and doctor. Will enthusiastically refer patients!"

- Kathryn R.

Amazing Healing

"I praise God for, the passion, the caring, the knowledge of Dr. Geary. The healing that has taken place in just four treatments is amazing. If someone is nervous about doctoring with a chiropractor, I would encourage them to give Dr. Geary a try. If someone has had a bad experience with a chiropractor, I promise, Dr. Geary is trustworthy! Thank you Dr. Geary and your wonderful staff!"

- Bev M.

Impressed With Individualized Care

"I’m impressed with the individualized care…i.e taking X-rays and managing only the affected areas . This is not something I’ve experienced in the past with chiropractors."

- Kelly T.

Caring Practitioner

"Dr. Geary is a very caring and intelligent practitioner. I feel very confident and safe with him. Heather and Liz are so welcoming and friendly, offering to help in any way they can. I am very pleased to be a patient at your clinic!"

- Charlotte F.

Better Option Than Surgery

"I wasted 4 weeks of time, a lot of money, not being able to walk without crutches and a lot of pain. After my first adjustment the pain was gone, and I could walk 3 days later after 2 more appointments. A much better option then the surgery my doctor thought I would need. Many thanks to all the staff at Valley Chiropractic."

- Edward G.

Friendly Knowledgeable Helpful

"The entire visit exceeded my expectations. All staff members were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in explaining how things work. I felt very comfortable."

- Julie O.

Best Care

"Best chiropractic care giver I know of."

- Steve K.

Very Professional

"Very professional, very thorough, patient oriented, satisfactory results."

- Marlene E.


"I continue going to Dr. Geary because he is thorough, knowledgeable about what I need and always concerned how I am."

- Janice H.

Felt Welcomed

"I felt welcome right away. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Dr. Geary is gentle and kind."

- Kristen C.

The Best

"You guys are the best! I couldn’t dream of a better experience!"

- Joshua S.

Amazing Doctor

"Dr. Geary is an amazing doctor I won’t go to anyone else."

- Leslie R.


"I’ve visited many times, but my experience has been consistently positive throughout this time."

- Laura G.


"You guys are awesome! Love every aspect of my visit, from the time I walk in the door until I leave."

- Michael M.

Excellent Service

"Excellent service. Doctor and front desk very professional."

- Justin R.

The Best

"The best in the business!"

- Amy K.

Very Professional

"All the staff at Valley Chiropractic are very professional, caring, and are committed to your well being."

- Bob L.

Explanations Given

"Dr. Geary made my feel relaxed during my appointment, even though I was nervous. He explained the process and my problems in terms that I could understand. He answered by questions and didn’t make me feel “stupid” asking them. The front desk staff was very friendly. It’s always nice to come to an appointment when the staff is smiling."

- Felicia W.

Highly Skilled

"Dr. Geary is highly skilled, collaborative and incredibly talented. I have had other chiropractic care over the years but Dr. Geary is clearly the best. I am in great health thanks to his care."

- Sandra M.

The Best

"I’ve been to lots of chiropractors. Dr. Geary is the best. He always fixes the actual issue instead of just randomly cracking my back and I have longer-lasting results from seeing him!"

- Ruth L.

Willing to Listen

"Dr. Geary is very willing to listen to my needs and has helpful ideas I can do at home to help my condition. Dr. Geary and his staff are always willing to work with my schedule and even at the very last minute."

- Amber E.


"Love your practice! Thanks so much!"

- Brenda L.

Technique Is Like None Other

"I have been to many chiropractors in my life and none have held a candle to the results I have received from Dr Geary. His technique is like none other. It has changed my life……now I just have to commit to working out to strengthen my core."

- Denise G.

Healing Place

"I consider your office a healing place always helpful and kind, nice to know that you are there. I depend on you for the care you give. You never make me feel guilty when late, instead I am always welcomed. Thank you for the gentle attitude and for the knowable, effective adjustments and advice received. Dr. Geary you and your staff are a Blessing in my life!"

Thank you,

- Mildred E.

The Best

"You guys are the best as far as I am concerned. I will not go anywhere else. Keep up the excellent care and concern that you guys have for your patient’s. Thank you for all you do for us in getting us well."

- Barbara S.

Great Team

"I interact with Dr. Geary, Jody and Liz and they are all fabulous. What a great team. My first phone call to Valley was with Jody and it was because of her thorough understanding of the business and compassion that made my decision to try Valley. Thank you!"

- Leon B.


"Dr. Geary is an exceptional doctor and I recommend him frequently to friends and family. He has been taking care of my family and I for almost 20 years. I am very grateful to have met him.

He goes above and beyond each and every time. He is professional, caring, kind and intelligent. His staff are beyond helpful and are always kind. Valley Chiropractic is the best at what they do hands down!"

- Tracy H.

Consistently Great

"Consistently great! Great friends too. Helped my running to the point of getting national long distance records."

- Edward R.

Love My Chiropractic Care!

"Love my chiropractic care! The Gonstead method is THE most effective and logical way to do adjustments. And I had 7 chiropractors before my first Gonstead doctor, so I have much to compare this to."

- Mary Sue P.

Wish I Had Started Sooner

"I love Valley Chiropractic. Dr. Geary is a miracle worker and he has a wonderful staff. Jody and Liz are simply the best. I enjoy coming for treatments because I know I will be getting the best service possible. And I’m feeling better than I have in years. I only wish I had started coming sooner! Thank you for all you do."

- Tessa P.

Can’t Believe

"Can’t believe the degree to which my problem has been corrected. I was just hoping for a reduction in pain but with regular visits the discomfort is practically gone."

- Johnell K.

Life Changing

"Life changing. I am so happy that I was referred to Valley Chiropractic, my life has forever been improved. The doctors and staff are like no where else, I am listened to and I feel so comfortable every time I walk through the doors. The trust I feel is outstanding."

- Stefanie H.


"Dr. Geary seems to be the first chiropractor I went to that gave me a glimmer of hope for my condition that even the Mayo Clinic couldn’t diagnose as well as other doctors, neurologists, etc. You name it, I’ve been there. Hopefully, his treatments continue to work."

- Marvin D.


"I am so happy with the whole experience here. The knowledge, care and professionalism is outstanding. I am glad to have been referred here to Dr. Geary and Valley Chiropractic and will do the same."

- Barbara P.

Love Valley Chiropractic

"We love Valley Chiropractic! Our entire family and many friends/relatives are patients of Dr. Geary. He has helped us with a variety of conditions and we continue to refer people to him. He is an awesome listener and will explain thoroughly what he can help us with and refer us to others with what he can’t help us with. Chiropractic care is the basis of all our healthcare."

- Sue B.

Horrible Pain

"I had an accident and fell 8′ and landed on my back. I was in excruciating pain and could barely move. I was blacking out, shaking, feeling nauseous and couldn’t walk by myself. My first call was to Valley Chiropractic and they told me to come in right away. After looking over my x-rays, Dr. Geary adjusted me-and I immediately felt improvement. I actually walked down the hall myself. Within a week I was able to exercise again. I have full confidence in Dr. Geary and his knowledge of chiropractic care and I trust him completely. He takes time, and is genuine in his care for you and his desire to help you be well.

He explains everything very clearly and is honest as to whether or not chiropractic care can help you. I would recommend seeing Dr. Geary to everyone I know, for health issues or for just maintaining well-being."

- Chris M., Plastering Contractor

Optimal Health

"I believe receiving regular, proper chiropractic care along with optimal nutrition and exercise is essential for maintaining optimal health. After struggling with fibromyalgia symptoms for years I have experienced total relief through chiropractic adjustments, diet changes and regular exercise.

Along with treating my fibromyalgia, Dr. Geary and Dr. Gena supported me through breast cancer treatment, assisting me in maintaining my physical and emotional good health through their expertise knowledge of balancing the spine and body. I am so grateful for their kind and professional help. I look forward to each new day as I haven’t felt better in years!"

- Jan O., Registered Nurse

Child Vaccines

"This is a story about our daughter Katie. When Katie was born, we were going to be like every parent and immunize our child, I mean why wouldn’t we? After she was born and it came time for the vaccines, we became a little apprehensive due to a few things we had heard. I decided to go out and get a book on vaccinations, and I read some pretty scary things. We discussed these concerns with our doctor. One of our concerns was DPT, mainly the Pertussis component and seizures among other risks. He assured us that they have a new type of Pertussis, I believe the acellular, and these risks were highly unlikely, and he strongly suggested we immunize her.

So with this new information, we decided to go ahead with the DPT. Katie received her first vaccinations at two months of age and a second at six months. When Katie was 7 months 3 weeks old, Katie was sitting on my lap bending down to grab her toes, so I thought. I went to sit her back up but she was frozen, she didn’t move. I picked her up and looked at her face and her skin looked tight, her eyes were rolled back in her head and she began to turn blue. I immediately called 911 and when the paramedics arrived I had no idea what was happening, even after she began to relax. She then was very tired and just wanted to sleep. They took us to the hospital and concluded she had a seizure.

They said it may never happen again but set up an EEG the next morning as a precaution, which eventually came back normal. That same evening, she had another one, and we again called 911 and this time they admitted her to the hospital for the next three days undergoing test after miserable test. They also immediately put her on phenobarbitol to control the seizures. We saw a neurologist that our doctor sent to the hospital. His suggestion was to leave her on phenobarbitol for a year and see what happens. He said she would probably outgrow them. We were not satisfied with this, so we found another neurologist on our own. He decided to taper the medication and see what happens. Sure enough, she had another seizure.

He then ordered another EEG. This showed possible seizure activity, so we decided to leave her on the phenobarbitol. A few months later Dr. Geary told us of a test that may be beneficial for Katie called the Electro Dermal Screen Test. This test could measure toxins in the body that may be causing reactions. We were very open to this. We took her for this test and tested the few vaccines she had been given. Sure enough, it showed a reaction to not only the Pertussis component of the DPT vaccine but also the Polio vaccine as well. The doctor prescribed her a homeopathic remedy called Vaccination to rid the toxins.

We treated her for 3-4 months with periodic testing and each showed improvement. Once everything appeared to be normal, we again saw our neurologist and he ordered another EEG. This EEG was completely normal. We decided to taper her phenobarbitol once again and we had achieved success; no more seizures. She has now been seizure free ever since. Prior to taking her off the medication we were very concerned about some thins developmentally. She wasn’t speaking much or saying any words and she seemed to some small degree to be in her own little world. About three weeks after coming off the medicine she started saying words like crazy, she was saying two new words a day.

She had 23 words in a two-week span. We were needless to say elated. She also became more interactive with us. She went through separation anxiety like any normal child, not that any parent likes that, but it gave us a sense of normalcy, as silly as it may sound. She now is thriving like any two year old. She says so many words we can’t even count, and she is starting to put two and three word sentences together. She recognizes the letters of the alphabet, numbers, knows all her colors, and some shapes.

I also wanted to add, through the course of her treatment, we had her tested for a few other things. Katie also seemed to have weepy eyes and she also has a dairy allergy. The test revealed a small sensitivity to dog saliva, which we have a god. He added a treatment for that along with the Vaccination.

Very shortly after that, her eyes stopped weeping, and no longer weep, other than when she has a cold. This experience was horrible for our whole family, but we’re very thankful that it is behind us and are very luch to have found out about this type of treatment for Katie’s sake."

- Jennifer M., Mother

Pain Free!

"I was completely immobilized. I could not get past the pain to focus on anything. I am now pain free. I am able to work and relax. Dr. Geary communicated to me my situation in an upbeat and positive manner. He guided me back to healthy living and how to take care of my body. He is always cheerful and willing to listen. Dr. Geary is very knowledgeable and experienced."

- Peter M., Carpenter


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